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Meet One of the Westside’s Most Established Residential Real Estate Agents

Chad Lund

“My area expertise and focus benefits my clients in efficiently valuing, marketing and executing the sale and or purchase of a property, especially in today’s market, where day to day trends can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars.” – Chad Lund

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With over 30 years in the world of real estate, 20 years dedicated specifically to residential real estate, Chad Lund has the versatile experience and expansive knowledge that makes him a top-selling and highly sought-after residential real estate agent in the Westside. He has completed over 1,000 transactions throughout the years and built up a vast network of information, clients, and third-party vendors.

Chad began his journey in 1989 when he received his real estate license and started in commercial real estate in downtown L.A. Throughout the 1990s, especially during the recession, Chad realized that he had to expand his craft or else he wouldn’t make it.

He started shaping his real estate background into the finely-tuned craft that it is today by learning about foreclosure properties, property management, commercial leasing, and sales and asset management. This information assisted him in June 2000 when “the gates opened up,” as he likes to say, to him becoming a residential real estate agent. His hands-on, in-depth approach allowed him to understand and utilize the market to best serve his clients over the years. Chad began assisting former clients with residential purchases instead of commercial purchases, specifically single-family homes and condominiums, as well as investment properties.

Through his experience, Chad gained another unique factor that sets him apart from other real estate agents – he attained expertise on growth and referrals, making him an advocate and advisor for clients on third-party vendors, traders, and suppliers. He also built up an immeasurable amount of knowledge on the history behind the numerous territories and properties that he covers every day.

From 2000 to 2009, Chad put his skills to work at RE/MAX Westside Properties. In 2009, he began working for Teles Properties, where he operated out of the Teles Properties/Beverly Hills headquarters. In January 2018, Douglas Elliman, Chad’s current employer, purchased and merged with Teles Properties, which now provides Chad with access to East Coast and European networking opportunities.

With years upon years of forming and perfecting relationships with clients through his face-to-face approach with both first-time and seasoned buyers, Chad is not only close with his clientele, but he is now assisting multi-generational families with their purchases, sales, and rentals. He has obtained the trust and respect of his clientele with his dependability, reliability, and security.

Chad lives in the Westside with his wife Mary, and they have two daughters, Sophia and Bianca. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In his spare time, he volunteers with many schools within the area, including Overland Avenue Elementary School, Westwood Charter School, Fairburn Elementary School, and Warner Avenue Elementary School, by sponsoring school carnivals and dramas, as well as assisting with tutoring.

Meet Our Team

In a current world where so many real estate agents pass along clients to assistants or junior partners, Chad Lund stands out because he handles the clients directly. Behind Chad is a real estate team that is instrumental to the success of every transaction, as the behind-the-scenes group gives Chad the ability to transact, negotiate and be in the field one-on-one with his clients every day.

Freeing Chad up to work with clients gives him an advantage over other real estate agents, as Chad will never pass on a client to as assistant or junior: Chad is the face of the group, and the client knows it every second. The client will always get Chad Lund’s attention and dedication, never someone else’s.

Meet the real estate team behind Chad’s success.

Patty Best (Associate)

Ryan Gondranios (Senior Office Manager)

Amanda Yanes (Office Coordinator)

Karen Gabriel (Transaction Coordinator)