Landlords and Tenants

How Can Chad Assist Your Residential Leasing Needs?

Are you someone who doesn’t want to possess their own place quite yet? Are you perfectly happy with a residential lease? Or are you looking to lease your property to a tenant?

Chad can assist in achieving the best deal for a leasing client that doesn’t break the bank and provides an ideal location to live. He can also help landlords put their properties up to lease in the best possible light to attract tenants.

By listening to the prospective tenant about their ideal marketplace and budget, Chad can determine the best option for the client. He figures out the specific details the prospective tenant wants, the area they are looking at, how long they want to rent and what their credit is like before presenting any options. He also works to make sure the prospective tenant looks financially stable to the landlord to guarantee a good transaction.

For landlords, Chad works with them to make sure their properties receive the best lease value.